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How it works

1. Join the hunt

Try up to 208 different coffees this year. Plans starting at only $10.99/month. Every coffee is excellent, one might be your new favorite!

2. Blind taste test

Sample coffee without bias and decide for yourself what you like. A number on the bag will help you identify the coffee after you’ve tried it.

3. Learn from pros

Our app lets you record tasting notes and compare answers with the roastmaster to develop a superhuman sense of taste. Will your tasting notes match?

The app is well thought out and nicely walks you through a focused tasting – it really heightens the experience and challenges you to pay attention to each dimension in isolation.

“I love that you send out blind samples and then people taste them before they find out what it is. It's brilliant. ”

“Angels’ Cup is using mobile and web technology to help break down the enigmatic coffee tasting process and bring a tasting platform right to your pocket.”

“We like to try a lot of coffees, that’s why we subscribe to Angels’ Cup.”

The coffee that the Angel’s Cup team tracks down for each week’s tasting is outstanding and from some of the best roasters in the country.

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Angels' Cup promises to become essential to coffee geekdom.
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If you’re as addicted to coffee as we are, the app is fantastic.
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Stay awake and sample some of the best coffees in the world delivered right to your doorstep.
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Coffee experts will love comparing their notes with the roastmaster in a true test of one's brewing skills and senses.
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True coffee nerds are always looking for their next great sip. Angel's Cup makes it easy.
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Oh, you have mystery back there? Great. Yeah. Stir a little bit of that in.
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Try more than 200 blends in one year! You can even learn more about each blend with the app.
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The perfect cup of coffee for the modern man.
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Record tasting notes on the coffees you try & compare answers with the community and roaster! Learn more

Available on: iOS, Android, and web
Roasters participating: 5702
App users: 39189
Notes recorded: 163459
Most popular brew method: Chemex
Most common region: Ethiopia
Most frequent tasting note: Chocolate

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Is the coffee any good?

If you’ve heard of third-wave coffee, that’s the kind of coffee we ship. If you haven’t heard of third-wave coffee, basically it’s light to medium roasted 100% arabica coffees that rival fine wines in complexity. Learn more about how we select our coffees here:

Selection philosophy
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Not like other subscriptions

Angels' Cup is more than just coffee, it's a coffee tasting experience. That’s why we built an app that lets you record tasting notes before knowing what the coffee is, compare answers with experts, and connect with other members of our community. Learning to pick out the subtle flavors in coffee is a fun skill, and you’ll start catching yourself paying more attention to other things you eat and drink, like whiskey and wine!

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Unlimited New Roasters

“I tried too many new roasters this year” - said nobody, ever. Angels’ Cup features 2-3 different roasters in every tasting flight. We work with more roasters than any other subscription and we're adding more all the time! You can browse recent selections on our Instagram page:

Recently shipped coffees
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Can I send it as a gift?

Sure can! We have 3, 6, or 12 month gift options, and coffee tasting flights make the perfect gift, even for the most discerning coffee connoisseur. Just select what you want and we take care of the rest. We’ll even include a little hand-written note with your first shipment!

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